Wednesday, August 5, 2009


..selepas di translate,begini lah lirik lagunya..

U know I still love You baby
And it never change

I want nobody nobody but You
I don’t like anybody else,
If it’s not You, I don’t want it,
I want nobody nobody nobody nobody

I don’t like it,
but why do You keep pushing me away?
You keep continuously not listen to what I’m saying,
Why You keep trying to send me to another guy?
How can You do this to me?
Saying that it’s all for my sake,
Saying that You’re lacking in so many things
Just stop it..You know how I am,
Why do You keep insisting on things that I don’t want?

I’m good,
I’m happy,
I just need You,
I have nothing else I want,
Why are You telling me to meet another person and be happy?
There’s no way I can be happy after leaving You

Wy don’t You know that this is all nonsense?
How can I be happy without You?

Back to the days when we were so young and wild and free,
I want to go back to when everything seemed like a dream,
But why do You keep pushing me away?
Why do You push me away?

I don’t want nobody nobody nobody nobody but You!!!

p/s : tgk gelagat penonton2 lelaki..hihihihi (^_^)


pauhputik said...

tergugat iman tengok pompuan dalam

video tu....

Admin said...

Maaf.. tumpang tanya..

Boleh iklankan produk kami? Anda akan dibayar.